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In the South, heart disease and diabetes are big problems. Statistics show that one in four people will die from heart disease. And when you add diabetes into the equation, the risk increases to one in three people. fred’s Pharmacy wants to help with advice and services to encourage you to live heart healthy. Come in today for a consultation.

Friendly advice and solutions for your healthcare needs.

At fred’s Pharmacy, your overall health is what’s important to us. In addition to providing you
prescription services, our friendly pharmacists offer free advice and convenient health management
services to help you stay healthy.

  • Immunizations – We offer immunizations for a number of ailments: flu, shingles, pneumonia, and tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis)
  • Time My Meds – Arrange to pick up all your monthly scripts in one trip, instead of multiple visits.
  • Refill Reminders – Stay up to date on all your monthly prescriptions
  • Medication Therapy Management – Have a one-to-one consultation with a fred’s pharmacist to ensure you are getting the best results from your medications.
  • Free Blood Pressure Checks – Monitor your blood pressure with our Higi machines at select fred’s Pharmacies.

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