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Nexium® 24HR


Finally. That’s what people across America will say
about new Nexium® 24HR heartburn protection. More
than 10 years ago, prescription NEXIUM® brought new
medicine to people with acid-related conditions, and
now Nexium 24HR brings that same medicine, safely
and effectively prescribed to millions of people, over
the counter to treat frequent heartburn.

Identifying Heartburn

What is heartburn and what does it feel like?

Heartburn is the burning sensation you feel when stomach acid has refluxed (risen) into the
esophagus. The pain often rises up through your chest and may spread toward your neck or throat.

What is frequent heartburn?

Frequent heartburn is heartburn that occurs two or more days a week.

What are proton pump inhibitors?

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are a group of medications that stop heartburn at the source by turning
off many of the pumps that produce acid.


What is Nexium 24HR?

Nexium 24HR is indicated for the treatment of frequent heartburn (two or more days a week) in adults
(18 years and older). The active ingredient in Nexium 24HR is esomeprazole 20 mg, which is a part of a
group of medications called proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs.

Why is it called Nexium 24HR?

In clinical trials, Nexium 24HR has been shown to treat frequent heartburn for up to 24 hours when taken
once each morning before eating for 14 consecutive days. Nexium 24HR should be taken only as directed,
unless otherwise determined by a healthcare professional. Use as directed for 14 days to treat frequent
heartburn. Nexium 24HR may take 1-4 days for full effect.

How does Nexium 24HR treat frequent heartburn?

Cells in the lining of the stomach contain proton pumps that produce the acid your body uses during
digestion. Heartburn can be caused when this stomach acid flows up into the esophagus. Nexium 24HR
protects you from frequent heartburn by turning your acid pumps from on to off, reducing the amount of
acid that rises into your esophagus and alleviating heartburn.

How quickly does Nexium 24HR work?

Nexium 24HR may take 1-4 days for full effect, which is 24 hours of complete relief* from frequent heartburn.

When did Nexium 24HR become available for purchase over the counter?

On May 27, 2014, Nexium 24HR became available without a prescription for the treatment of frequent
heartburn in stores nationwide and through online retailers.

Is there a difference between Nexium 24HR and prescription NEXIUM®?

The formulations of the 20mg OTC capsules (Nexium 24HR) and the prescription 20mg esomeprazole
(NEXIUM®) contain the same active ingredient, esomeprazole, although there are differences in indications
and directions for use. The 20mg NEXIUM capsule will continue to be available by prescription. Other
dosages of NEXIUM will continue to be available by prescription only. Nexium 24HR is indicated for adults
(18 years and older) with frequent heartburn — when you have heartburn two or more days a week —
whereas prescription NEXIUM is indicated for many acid-related conditions.

*It’s possible while taking Nexium 24HR. Use as directed for 14 days to treat frequent heartburn. Do not take for
more than 14 days or more often than every 4 months unless directed by a doctor. Not for immediate relief.

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