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Your best protection during cold, cough and flu season is prevention. Follow the steps below for a better chance to stay healthy.

Step one: Get a flu shot. You and your family can get one at fred’s Pharmacy with no appointment.

Step two: Wash your hands regularly. Use warm water and soap. And if you’re not close to a sink, hand sanitizer will do.

Step three: Stock up your medicine cabinet. While you’re healthy, visit fred’s Pharmacy to pick up supplies before you get sick. We carry the name brand medicines and items you know, along with our own lab-tested fred’s Brand — all at great, everyday low prices.

Already sick? Understand your medicine before taking.

Each time you use OTC medication, carefully read the package and talk to your pharmacist about all of the medication you take.

Ask your fred’s Pharmacist these six questions before taking any new OTC medication:

  1. What OTC medications are available for my symptoms?
  2. How much of this medicine should I take at a time?
  3. How often should I take this medicine and for how long?
  4. What medicines, herbal supplements, foods, beverages, or activities should I avoid while taking this product?
  5. Does this product interact with any of the other medications I am taking?
  6. Is there anything else about the OTC products I should know before taking it or giving it to my loved ones?

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