Joyce Robertson

Executive Assistant for Pharmacy Operations
Responsible for coordinating the start and completion of all pharmacy openings

My career with fred’s started 35 years ago in the warehouse as a receiver in 1979. From there, I held titles in the Receiving Department as Office Clerk, Quality Control Checker, and then Department Head and Receiving Trainer. In 1987 I became the Time Study Analyst for the Receiving/Picking & Stocking/Shipping Departments. Since 1996 I have been in the Pharmacy Operations Department as the Executive Assistant. I assist the Executive Vice President, two Sr. Vice Presidents and five Directors. I also serve as intermediary for 16 Healthcare Managers of the Pharmacy Department, and all pharmacy locations. I assist with expense management, pharmacy openings and procedures, and coordination and planning of pharmacy meetings and events.

P: 901-238-2520
F: 901-365-9820

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