90-Day Refill


fred’s Pharmacy offers a 90-day prescription refill option. This is in addition to the traditional 30-day prescription supply. So, what are the benefits of Choose 90?

Choose to save time:

With a 90-day prescription option, you get three months of medication in just one trip to fred’s Pharmacy. That means you’ll only have to make four trips per year to fill your prescription instead of 12.

Choose to save money:

Pay less on a 90-day fill compared to three 30-day fills.*

Choose to stay healthy:

Research has shown a 15% increase in medication adherence for those who were on a 90-day prescription refill option as compared to those on a 30-day prescription refill option. Missing fewer doses leads to better health.

Ask your fred’s pharmacist for more information.

*Savings may vary by insurance company.

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