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Time My Meds®


What is Time My Meds®?

Ateb’s Time My Meds® is an Automated Medication Synchronization Solution service that fred’s Pharmacy will begin using to help monitor and ease the process of picking up all of your medications on one single day of the month. As you know, the current process to pick up your medications can be timely having to pick different medications on different days of each month. At fred’s Pharmacy, we know that your health is number one and your time is just as important. With Time My Meds®, we will be able to better serve you by offering your medication refill to be picked up on one day of the month instead of several different days of the month.

It makes it easy for you to have all of your prescription refills on one day and easy to sign up. Talk with a fred’s Pharmacist to see if Time My Meds® will fit your needs and sign up today!

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How Does Time My Meds® Work?

All it takes from you is signing up at your local fred’s Pharmacy to get started! Once you sign up, fred’s will input your existing prescription refills into the Time My Meds® Automated Medication Synchronization System. The system will notify our Pharmacists to begin the process of refilling your refills once a month. Then, on the same day each month, your refill will be ready for you to pick up. It’s that simple.

Time My Meds® was created to:

  • Ease the process of refilling your prescription medications
  • Save you time during your already busy schedule
  • Free up your mind to worry about more important things
  • Coordinate your prescriptions to be filled the same day each month
  • Improve your overall health as a patient allowing your prescriptions to be more accurate and personal

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Will My Medications Be Correct?

Time My Meds® and fred’s Pharmacy strives to accurately and personally make sure that every prescription is filled correctly and in a timely manner with you in mind. This process allows our Pharmacists to get to know you better and keep you in mind when filling the perscriptions necessary, allowing the Pharmacists to accurately fill them. With Time My Meds®, you will never have to worry about forgetting to pick up medications on different days of the month and having to stress if they are correct. A fred’s Pharmacist is trained to measure and fill each prescription to its utmost accuracy.

If you are interested in Time My Meds®, talk with a fred’s Pharmacist today. They will be able to answer any questions you have and get you signed up for Time My Meds® today!

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